Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne

If you want to add value to your home and make the most of warm Melbourne summer days, then a fibreglass pool should be at the top of your list for home improvements. You, your family, and your friends can all enjoy one of our elegant designs and low-maintenance pools. Ocean Breeze Pools have a range of stunning designs and can match any home aesthetic to make your dream pool a reality. more

Enjoy the Stunning Quality of Masterbuilt Pools for Years to Come

When you decide to add a pool to your home, few manufacturers offer the same level of dependable local quality as Masterbuilt Pools. Choosing a design is only one step in the process, however, and the right installer makes a big difference in the outcome you experience. With Ocean Breeze Pools, you can entrust this important project to experienced hands. more

Don’t Be Daunted By Salt Water Pool Installation; We Can Make It A Breeze

Ocean Breeze Pools have over 20 years’ combined experience in the Building and Construction Industry, including saltwater pool installation.
We will provide excellent service from start to finish and deliver a final Australian-made product that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, as well as being in accordance with the Victorian Building Authority’s strict regulations. more

Spa Pool Installation With The Minimum Of Fuss

When it starts getting a little too chilly to swim, wouldn’t it be great to be still able to take a dip? Ocean Breeze Pools can help you achieve that when you contact us to assist with your spa pool installation. It helps that there are many health benefits from spending time soaking in warm water. more

Pool Installation in Melbourne Is a Breeze

At Ocean Breeze Pools we take pride in every pool installation in Melbourne. Our team has two decades of experience in both the construction industry and in installing swimming pools, which means we have confidence in our quality and a passion for the industry. more

What You Need to Know About a Fibreglass Pool Installation

As our lives have become more complex, a large kidney-shaped pool is an outdated concept. What is becoming popular is a pre-moulded fibreglass pool installation that can fit into smaller gardens, yet still provide sufficient functionality during valued leisure times. more

Lap Pool Installation is Becoming More Popular

Enhance your healthy lifestyle through exercise after you have done a lap pool installation - it could help with your overall fitness and health. Lap pools are longer than a conventional pool, making it much more feasible to swim laps. more

Discover the Possibilities a Plunge Pool in Melbourne Can Create

Did you know that a plunge pool in Melbourne is an ideal solution for a homeowner who wants a swimming pool but is short on space? Plunge pools are simply compact versions of regular swimming pools, designed to be smaller and take up less space while still offering all the benefits of a traditional pool. Ocean Breeze Pools offer small plunge pools in Melbourne along with our range of larger swimming pools in a wide variety of sizes and styles. more

Maintaining Your Pool is Easy with our Pool Equipment Installation

Our pool equipment installation reduces the amount of maintenance that your pool requires. The system that we install in your pool minimises manual testing of the water and thus also requires fewer adjustments. It also regulates the pH balance of your pool for a blue, healthy pool for you to enjoy. more

A Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installation Aids in Relaxation

The initial moment your body is exposed to the cold water of a swimming pool is unpleasant, but a swimming pool heat pump installation can make that experience enjoyable. more

Professional and Easy Swimming Pool Pump Installation

We provide a professional swimming pool and swimming pool pump installation. Getting a quality swimming pool installed is crucial because it is going to have to last a long time. You want the service that has the experience and the professionalism to do the job correctly. We provide a range of summertime pools that cater to different sizes and styles. more

Small Pool Installation Service in Australia

Our small pool installation service will leave you with a perfectly installed and prepared pool to relax in. Even though small, the pool can still develop a love for hydro exercises for relieving aches and pains associated with other forms of exercise, disease or old age. more