Fibreglass Pool Installation

Fibreglass Pools Installation

The Ocean Breeze Pool company specialise in fibreglass pool installation. Ocean Breeze are a pool company with a focus on using only high quality equipment and Australian Made pools. When choosing the right fibreglass pool for your needs it's important to consider the quality of the pool shell itself. Not all pool builders are the same and as in any other product produced quality will vary from pool builder to pool builder. When you purchase a fibreglass pool from Ocean Breeze Pools you can be assured the pool is Australian Made and meets or exceeds all stringent Australian standards.

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Fibreglass Pool or Concrete Pool? Which is better?

When choosing a pool you may wonder which is better, a fibreglass pool or concrete pool. The answer to this is it depends. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Concrete pools are great for commercial solutions as they can be designed to any shape or size you want. Cost though is a major factor for most people when looking to install a pool. Concrete is not only the more expensive option to install it can also be more expensive to maintain. Fibreglass pools have are quick to install and easier to maintain than their concrete counterparts and still a very durable option. There are a range of other benefits to this type of material.


Project Managment

A fibreglass swimming pool makes an ideal choice for home-owners who are deterred by high maintenance. The lining of such pools provides a smoother surface than other materials. The benefit of a smooth surface is that dirt and algae do not settle into a porous material. All you need to do is use your pool brush or a pool creepy crawly to sweep the algae off the sides. Fibreglass, unlike concrete pools, offer a smooth floor and you can install a salt-chlorinator to decrease your maintenance costs further.


Quick Installation

The ease of the installation is another benefit. We dig the hole to the required size of the pool. Then, we lower the shell of the pool into the excavation before we plumb it in, after which we add soil to fill up any empty spaces. This process can be accomplished during most weather conditions, unlike when using other materials such as a vinyl pool liner or concrete. As there is less labour involved in our fibreglass pool installation, the cost may be pleasantly low compared with a concrete pool installation.


insurance & regulation

Our fibreglass pools are hard-wearing and long-lasting. The material used is not affected by either hot or cold temperatures. The finished pool should, therefore, remain in good condition for many years. Our pools have a 30 Year Structural Warranty and meet or exceed all Australian standards.

Planning a Fibreglass Inground Pool Installation?

An in-ground swimming pool can increase your property’s value  and more importantly provide your family with lots of enjoyment over the summer months. Here are some tips to consider as you plan your new pool:


Consider your pool design carefully. With blocks of land decreasing in size, space for a pool will need to be carefully considered. A popular choice is to have your pool installed at least 1000mm from the boundary line, to make the most of the area, while also adhering to local government regulations.


Do consider the quality of the pump, heater and filtration system that you decide to install. There are benefits to be had by installing quality equipment from day one. For instance, a salt-chlorinator can reduce the maintenance of the pool, keeping the pool bright and clean without significant maintenance from yourself.


The various councils have different regulations relating to installing a pool. Besides the compliance certificate, there are some fundamental regulations applicable to the pool fence. The height of the enclosure must comply with specific regulations. The gate should close automatically and should open outwards. These are just a few of the requirements, it's always best to consult an expert to ensure you're compliant.

Ocean Breeze pools are your Fibreglass Pool Installation experts.

Ocean Breeze Pools are registered with the Victorian Building Association, and we are a member of SPASA Victoria. All of our fibreglass pools are Australian Made and meet strict Australian standards. Our pools come with a 30-year structural warranty.

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