Lap Pool Installation

Lap Pool Installation is Becoming More Popular

Enhance your healthy lifestyle through exercise after you have done a lap pool installation - adding heating to your lap pool will add a little luxury. Lap pools are longer than a conventional pool, making it much more feasible to swim laps and perfect for narrow blocks we're seeing more often in Melbourne.





Tips Regarding Fibreglass Lap Pools in Melbourne

Those in Melbourne, or elsewhere for that matter, wanting to install a lap pool, will be quick to acknowledge that this pool type takes up less space than a traditional pool. With the increase in costs of a property in Melbourne, Melbournites have been opting for smaller sections and exchanging their backyards for courtyards. Still, there are some tips you can ponder before selecting your lap pool.


Project Managment

You need to think about the pool length. The pool should ideally be at least six metres by 2.5 metres. There are some benefits of a narrower pool, such as reduced costs to build, less maintenance, and less spending on chemicals to keep the water clear.



You also will need to consider how you will access your pool. A solution would be to opt for a stainless steel ladder. This ladder will provide the least hindrance because steps not only use up your swimming space but can bother you when you perform your laps.


insurance & regulation

Your lap pool is more than a space to exercise − it can be a focal point of your garden. Therefore, don’t forget about the landscaping and lighting.

Key Questions to Ask Ocean Breeze Pools About Fibreglass Lap Pools in Melbourne

Installing a pool can be pricey, but it will add to the value of your property. You should ask some key questions before you commit to this installation. This enquiry will help you define the type of pool you want, considering your budget and how the addition of a pool will benefit you. 

  • Ask us about the most suitable area where you can install your pool. You could, if your space is limited, install it on your boundary. You can then make the most of your space. Also, consider whether you want to heat your pool, and the style of fencing you want to install around your pool, as you have to adhere to local regulations. 
  • Ask us about the best maintenance options available. For example, we would recommend the best equipment with which to monitor, test, and maintain your pool for you, thereby giving you more leisure time. 
  • You should also ask about the warranty. We offer a 30-year warranty on our fibreglass pools and have a strong track record bolstering our warranty for you.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

With more than 20 years of experience, we offer a full service. We will do the planning application, submit the permit, and affect the installation. Ocean Breeze Pools is registered with the Victorian Building Association as swimming pool builders. We are members of SPASA Victoria. We also offer other extras, such as pool heating. 

A lap pool is, without a doubt, an asset to your home. You can use it to exercise and keep yourself fit, and the value of your property will increase. Contact us today to discuss how you can install a lap pool in your garden.