Plunge Pools in Melbourne

Discover the Possibilities a Plunge Pool in Melbourne Can Create

Plunge pools in Melbourne have become extremely popular. Smaller pools or "plunge pools" and are an ideal solution for a homeowner who wants a swimming pool but is short on space. Plunge pools are simply compact versions of regular swimming pools, designed to be smaller and take up less space while still offering all the benefits of a traditional pool.

Ocean Breeze Pools offer small plunge pools from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula along with our range of larger swimming pools in a wide variety of sizes and styles.


What You Should Know About Small Plunge Pools in Melbourne

Fibreglass plunge pools in Melbourne are one of the fastest-growing trends in swimming pool design. Their compact size and ability to adapt to small spaces make them an excellent option for many families. Here’s what you should know.


Various sizes

You can probably fit a plunge pool on your property. Because these pools are so adaptable, they can be designed to fit in almost any space – even right against the house or on the fence line.



You should leave the installation to the pros. Although a plunge pool is smaller than a traditional pool, it’s not as easy to install as an above-ground pool. Mistakes during installation can cost you big.


Additional Options

You can add jets for “lap” swimming. You can use a small plunge pool for exercise if you install jets. Your jets can create a current for you to swim against, and you can adjust them to your strength and level of swimming ability.

Benefits of Fibreglass Plunge Pools in Melbourne

Small plunge pools in Melbourne offer many unique advantages, including:


They fit into smaller spaces. If you love the idea of having a swimming pool on your property but simply don’t have space, then a plunge pool may be an option. Plunge pools work well alongside decks or patios or even tucked away by a wall or fence for the ultimate in space efficiency.


Less water means less maintenance. The smaller size of a plunge pool means that less debris will find its way inside. In fact, many plunge pool owners find that all they need is a manual vacuum and a scoop net to keep their pool free of leaves and the other debris that can accumulate in the water.


Plunge pools require far less water than regular pools, which can save you money in several different ways. First of all, you’ll need fewer chemicals or pool salt to keep the water clean and clear. Also, your costs associated with running the filters, pumps, and heaters will be lower. Finally, topping up the water level when it begins to drop is less of an expense.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

If you are considering adding a plunge pool or any swimming pool to your property, let Ocean Breeze Pools help. We are Registered Swimming Pool Builders with the Victorian Building association, members of SPASA Victoria, and experienced pool installers. Our team possesses the experience and knowledge to complete a wide range of custom projects, regardless of the size, shape, and materials you want in your new pool. We include as standard everything you need to get your pool up and running so that you can enjoy it immediately. Contact us today to get started.