Pool Equipment Installation

Maintaining Your Pool is Easy with our Pool Equipment Installation

Our pool equipment installation reduces the amount of maintenance that your pool requires. The system that we install in your pool minimises manual testing of the water and thus also requires fewer adjustments. It also regulates the pH balance of your pool for a blue, healthy pool for you to enjoy.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pool Equipment Installation

We prefer to inform you in detail about all the excluded costs and approvals before we install a pool at your home so that you can avoid the following mistakes:


Project Managment

Unrealistic expectations regarding the time frame of the project. Installing a pool at your home can take longer than expected. We prefer to give you a breakdown of the time frame before the installation starts. The process of excavation, delivery, installation, until the final inspection can take up to around 30 days.



Additional costs of pool equipment installation. We try to make the process as easy and affordable as possible for you, but there are several costs excluded. You need to arrange extra asset protection on your property for the time of the project. Permanent safety fences around your pool, landscaping, and paving or decking are not included in the quote. You need to get permission from your local town planning office for the installation that will incur added costs.


insurance & regulation

Added extras will improve the value of your pool but is not included in the installation. We can supply you with a solar heating system and heat pump for your pool, but this is not part of the standard costs.

We believe that when you have the proper information, you are a more trusting and happier client.

What You Can Expect from Ocean Breeze Pools Regarding Pool Equipment Installation

We are always trying to make the process of installation as painless as possible. 

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in installing pools and in the construction industry combined. For more than 15 years, we have been installing pools at the homes of happy clients. Our installation includes all the standard requirements to create a beautiful experience in your backyard.
  • We will assist as much as possible with your application for approval at your town planning office to install your pool. 
  • Easy payment. We help you to make arrangements to pay for your pool through our Money Market application. This makes financing your pool easy and affordable.

Why trust Ocean Breeze Pools Regarding Pool Equipment Installation

At Ocean Breeze Pools we are passionate about bringing you the joy of having a healthy and blue pool. Our team has a wealth of experience and the necessary licensing to proof this. We are proud of the quality of our work and back this with a 30-year warranty on your pool. 

We can make it easy and affordable for you to create memories around your pool too.

Contact us to install a quality pool at your home.