Pool Installation in Melbourne

Pool Installation in Melbourne Is a Breeze

At Ocean Breeze Pools we take pride in every pool installation in Melbourne. Our team has two decades of experience in both the construction industry and in installing swimming pools, which means we have confidence in our quality and a passion for the industry.





Benefits of Ocean Breeze Pools

We know that your choice of adding quality to your life by installing a swimming pool at your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. So, we strive to always deliver excellence in service and quality in combination with affordability.


Project Managment

Painless installation. Our experience with inground pool installation guarantees that we plan for all possible challenges during your swimming pool installation in Melbourne.



Quality assured. We have a registered builder of the Victorian Building Authority and a qualified draftsperson on our team. We are upholding all set standards in the industry from the start to the completion of your pool installation. Besides this, we also have you covered with our comprehensive Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance in place.


insurance & regulation

An easy-to-follow payment plan. Although we offer you the best possible pricing, the installation of a swimming pool can still be pricey for many. So, we have an easy payment plan that you can utilise to make payments on your pool installation. You can arrange this through our Money Market.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pool Installers in Melbourne

Pool installation is a niche market. So, we guide you on hidden costs and required paperwork before the installation process starts. 

  • Permits. We get all the licenses that we need, but as the homeowner, you need to get approval from town planning. We will assist with the process as much as possible, but we can’t do it on your behalf, this also means that you will have to arrange additional asset protection. This is a requirement of your local council, and you can arrange it with them. 
  • Additional costs. The installation of a pool does bring about some added costs that are not part of the installation. The cost of a landscaper or for paving and decking surrounding the pool brings about additional expenses. The fees of a tradesperson to install new gas or sewerage connections, if needed, is extra charges to your budget.
  • Exclusions. We supply an extensive list of swimming pool necessities but might not include all that you want. In the case of solar heating panels or an electric heat pump, you need to add that to your budget. 

Our team will guide you through the entire process so that you can know what to expect. This way, you are never trapped midway with unforeseen expenses.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

For more than 15 years already, we have been installing pool brilliance in Melbourne and surrounds. Our passion for the pool industry sparkles with every individual installation. Our quality assurance stretches from the start of the project until long after installation. 

Contact us to install pool brilliance at your home.