The Lozza

With modern backyard sizes shrinking, the Lozza range is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary family.

Sleek but sophisticated, the Lozza is a must for alfresco style spaces. Designed to maximise available space but enhance the ambience, this pool fits perfectly into any space.

The swimming area is maximised by a discrete step configuration, gentle depth increase and surrounding child safe ledge.

Size Options: 6m (slim), 6m

Key Features

  • Open swimming area
  • Wading area and gradual depth increase
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter
  • Discrete corner steps
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell
  • Easy clean and maintenance
The Lozza fibreglass pool by Ocean Breeze Pools is perfect for courtyards or smaller spaces.


Lozza 6m slim
Lozza 6m

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