Salt Water Pool Installation

Don’t Be Daunted By Salt Water Pool Installation; We Can Make It A Breeze

Ocean Breeze Pools have over 20 years’ combined experience in the Building and Construction Industry, including saltwater pool installation.

We will provide excellent service from start to finish and deliver a final Australian-made product that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, as well as being in accordance with the Victorian Building Authority’s strict regulations.


What Sets Ocean Breeze Pools Apart Regarding Salt Water Pool Installation?

We will facilitate the installation as seamlessly as possible to get the new addition to your back yard in the ground and up and running.


Project Managment

Our collaborative approach involves you from the start, and we’ll work with to you make your dream pool a reality, while assisting throughout the process with problem-solving and project-managing.



A 30-year structural warranty covers all fibreglass pools that we install and come standard with an engineer’s compliance certificate.


insurance & regulation

We are fully insured, with $10 Million Public Works and Contract Liability Insurance, for your added peace of mind.

Our Astral 4 star equipment package that comes as standard includes a pump, sanitiser, water leveller, two lights, pipe and fittings, main drain, skimmer box and a handover kit as well as a scoop, net, brush and test kit. This package has everything you need to maintain your pool and keep it sparkling clean and clear, with the minimum fuss – it’s a breeze!

Salt Chlorinator Installation

A common misconception is that the pool water will be extremely salty – like seawater. However, salt pools are sanitised using a salt-chlorine generator. Saltwater pools are not as harsh on skin, hair, eyes and swimsuits. The water has a softer feel and is generally safer than a regular chlorinated pool. Here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • Do I still need to add chlorine to my salt pool? It is perfectly safe to do this and may even be necessary on occasion.
  • Is it cheaper and easier to maintain than a regular chlorinated pool? It is, on average, you can maintain a salt pool at a third of the cost of a routinely chlorinated pool. The biggest expense will be the salt chlorinator installation.
  • How does it work? An electrical reaction takes place between the salt in the salt cell and the electrode in the chlorinator, thus creating chlorine.

Why Trust Ocean Breeze Pools Regarding Your Saltwater Pool Installation?

Our owner, Paul, is a registered builder with the Victorian Building Authority and has 15 years’ experience in the construction and installation of fibreglass and concrete pools. Megan has worked with building surveyors and in engineering and design spaces. She is also a qualified Draftsperson.

Ocean Breeze Pools are members of SPASA Victoria. You need look no further for the perfect partner in making that dream pool a reality. We do not doubt that we can assist in all aspects of your pool installation. Get in touch, and you’ll be one step closer to splashing in to that pool you’ve always wanted.