Small Pool Installation

Small Pool Installation Service in Australia

Our small pool installation service will leave you with a perfectly installed and prepared pool to relax in. Even though small, the pool can still develop a love for hydro exercises for relieving aches and pains associated with other forms of exercise, disease or old age.





Benefits of Small Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne With Ocean Breeze Pools

Fibreglass as a material is extremely useful. It’s used in cars, pools, water tanks etc. as it is a durable material that is easy to install. Here are the benefits of fibreglass pools:



Fibreglass, despite what its name suggests, is extremely durable. It is a composite material and depending on the ingredients used, has extreme tensile strength, meaning it can withstand a lot of pressure before it breaks. Our concrete pools will always be the most durable material to use, but with it comes a whole lot of problems and installation complexities.


Quicker to install

Fibreglass comes premade from factories, so it is easier to install compared to concrete which takes longer and involves a messier, time-consuming process. This way, your property will not bear cement stains or the inconvenience of construction on your property, merely installation.


Smoother surface

The surface of fibreglass is smooth, perfect for swimming pools, when compared to the grainy texture of concrete that can cause injuries not immediately evident in the water. Part of our small pools in Melbourne includes a choice of several floor finishes for your swimming pool to make it stand out.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Small Swimming Pools in Melbourne

A swimming pool is a playground, exercise machine, and a relaxing bath all in one. Here are some tips for getting more value out of the swimming pool we install for you:

  • Water therapy. If you have ageing parents or suffer from aches and pains yourself, hydrotherapy can bring relief with just enough resistance to exercise muscles, without the impact of gravity on the joints. 
  • Safety. If you want to make sure children are safer while using the pool, swimming lessons are a must. Teaching them yourself is all well and good, but a professional instructor can teach different swimming techniques as well as safety precautions to take in and around the water.
  • Get some shade. Whether it’s a tree or a gazebo, having an area where the sun does not shine on the pool will provide a comfortable rest area during hot summer days. By doing so, you have a dual-pool for getting your vitamin D or protection from an overdose.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

We are a pool installation business that installs fibreglass and concrete pools. We provide quality pool installations and are committed to making your dream pool a reality. We offer different styles and sizes that can be premade in fibreglass or set in concrete on your property. We provide you with all the information you need to decide between the two materials.

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