Small Pool Installation

Small Pool Installation Melbourne

As land in and around Melbourne continues to reduce in size so does our yard space. Transform your yard by installing a "small pool" or plunge pool.

Small pool or Spa, which is better?

The answer to this of course is, it depends. A spa is great for relaxation, but not suited to cooling off over a hot Melbourne summer.

Even though small, you would be surprised at how versatile a small pool or plunge pool can be. Whether it's for physio, exercise or maybe some fun for the kids, a small pool or plunge pool can create an amazing space you'll enjoy for many years to come.

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Benefits of Small Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne With Ocean Breeze Pools

Fibreglass pools are pre-made off site and can be built in bulk by pool builders. There are also savings thanks to a quicker installation process. We expand on a few benefits of fibreglass pools below:



Fibreglass, is extremely durable. It is a composite material has extreme tensile strength, meaning it can withstand a lot of pressure. All fibreglass pools made in Australia must comply to strict quality controls giving you peace of mind.


Quicker to install

Our fibreglass pools are all 100% Australian Made and can be installed in four to six days. As the pool does not to be built on site this is a much quicker process than a concrete pool build.


More affordable

Fibreglass pools are more affordable than concrete pools. Quicker installation and lower build cost are two of the key reasons for this and these savings are passed onto you.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Small Swimming Pools in Melbourne

A swimming pool is a playground, exercise machine, and a relaxing bath all in one. Here are some tips for getting more value out of the swimming pool we install for you:

  • Water therapy. If you have ageing parents or suffer from aches and pains yourself, hydrotherapy can bring relief with just enough resistance to exercise muscles, without the impact of gravity on the joints. 
  • Safety. If you want to make sure children are safer while using the pool, swimming lessons are a must. Teaching them yourself is all well and good, but a professional instructor can teach different swimming techniques as well as safety precautions to take in and around the water.
  • Get some shade. Whether it’s a tree or a gazebo, having an area where the sun does not shine on the pool will provide a comfortable rest area during hot summer days. By doing so, you have a dual-pool for getting your vitamin D or protection from an overdose.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

Ocean Breeze Pools install fibreglass pools and build concrete pools from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula. We provide quality pool installations and are committed to making your dream pool a reality.

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