Smallest Inground Pools

Smallest Pools

We're often asked, what is the smallest in-ground pool you can install?

The answer to this depends on the type of pool you're looking for, specifically the material you're looking to use. Concrete pools offer total flexibility in shape, size, and colour. If you plan on going concrete you can build your new pool to suit your site. That said you'll need the budget to go with that beautiful new concrete pool, they're certainly not the cheapest option.

You've likely heard lots about "Plunge Pools" and in Melbourne (thanks to the shrinking size of our back yards) they're becoming the go to for new pool installations. Fibreglass plunge pools or "courtyard pools" are a great option for most new pool owners and typically the smallest in-ground pool option. These pools will either have a consistent depth, sometimes with a seated area or, like traditional pools a shallow end and deeper end. Typically measuring approx 4m long x 3m wide either design option is great for smaller blocks or courtyards.

Ocean Breeze Pools are multi award winners and recognised as one of the Mornington Peninsula's leading pool companies. We offer a range of small and "plunge" pools, installing from the Mornington Peninsula to South Melbourne.

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Plunge Pools
Pool Design: Nirvana

Why are Plunge Pools so popular in Melbourne?

In-ground fibreglass plunge pools are great for Melbourne's shrinking back yards. Available in a range of designs, sizes and colours this makes them an excellent option for almost any home and budget. Here’s a few more key reasons why a plunge pool may be perfect for your home:


Great Value

Bang for buck. These are stunning looking pools and are more cost effective than concrete or a large pool.



Fibreglass pools are pre-made ready to be installed shortening installation time.


Additional Options

Add jets, lights, automated cleaning systems, there's so much you can do to create your own custom pool.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

If you are considering adding a plunge pool or any swimming pool to your property we would love to help. We are Registered Swimming Pool Builders with the Victorian Building association, members of SPASA Victoria, and experienced pool installers. Our award winning team possesses the experience and knowledge to complete a wide range of custom projects, regardless of the size, shape, and materials you want in your new pool. We include as standard everything you need to get your pool up and running so that you can enjoy it immediately. Contact us today to get started.