Spa Pool Installation

Spa Pool Installation With The Minimum Of Fuss

When it starts getting a little too chilly to swim, wouldn’t it be great to be still able to take a dip? Ocean Breeze Pools can help you achieve that when you contact us to assist with your spa pool installation. It helps that there are many health benefits from spending time soaking in warm water.




What You Can Expect From Ocean Breeze Pools Regarding Spa Pools in Melbourne

We have many years’ experience when it comes to pools and will work closely with you through the whole process to install your new fibreglass spa. The possibilities are endless, and you choose where you would like it to go.


Project Managment

The installation of your spa pool will be carefully project-managed to meet your expectations. We work closely with contractors who will help make your dream spa a reality with fencing, coping and landscaping taken care of.



You can choose to add the optional therapeutic back jets to the existing full airbed package, which will take your already luxurious addition to the next level.


insurance & regulation

We will provide practical advice based on our wealth of installation knowledge ensuring your spa will last. You also have peace of mind with our 30 year structural warranty with engineer’s compliance certificate.

Reasons to Install an In Ground Spa in Melbourne

When looking at installing spa pools in Melbourne, this particular pool stands out because it is a great option for smaller spaces and can be used year round. 

  • Installing an in ground spa is a great option as it creates a notable feature and can increase the value of your home. It also creates a great space to unwind after a long day or to enjoy a relaxing weekend.
  • This fibreglass spa has a unique corner design and is the ideal size for you if your back yard space is limited – always a benefit when looking at installing a spa pool in Melbourne. It is also a great addition to any private courtyard.

Spa pools are great to use throughout the year. Whether it’s to indulge in a little luxury, splash around with your kids, or just to have a little down time with friends over the weekend, having a spa pool installed can meet and even exceed your expectations. Of course, it can’t hurt to mention that there are many health benefits that come from having a good soak in warm water, so you can add that to your list of reasons for installing a spa.

Why You Should Use Ocean Breeze Pools

Paul is a registered builder with the Victorian Building Authority and has 15 years’ experience in the construction and installation of fibreglass and concrete pools. Megan has worked with building surveyors and in engineering and design spaces. She is also a qualified Draftsperson.

Ocean Breeze Pools are members of SPASA Victoria. You need look no further for the perfect partner in making that dream spa a reality. Allow us to be your preferred provider, and we will work alongside you to achieve your luxury spa pool installation. Why not get in touch and be one step closer to lounging in that spa you’ve always wanted?