Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installation

A Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installation Aids in Relaxation

The initial moment your body is exposed to the cold water of a swimming pool is unpleasant, but a swimming pool heat pump installation can make that experience enjoyable.





Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater Installation

Installing these heaters extends the pool season at your home and saves you money.


Project Managment

It saves energy. With the high costs of electricity, it’s essential to have a plan to combat this. A pool requires attention and regular maintenance. Saving on the cost of heating will hold you in good stead financially. The solar heater harnesses the sun’s energy and uses it to power the machine to heat the water. A reduction in electricity usage and expenditure are the benefits of installing this feature.



We keep the environment in mind. A solar heater reduces the carbon footprint; therefore, it is the green method of heating your swimming pool. The heater doesn’t require oil or fuel to operate and doesn’t emit any harmful emissions. Placing a solar blanket over the pool at night will conserve the heat in the pool, another route to saving costs.


insurance & regulation

It requires minimal maintenance. Another financial benefit is that solar-powered heaters last up to 15 to 20 years. It doesn’t need servicing as often as its electrical counterparts. The solar panels can be in place for at least 20 to 30 years.

What Sets Ocean Breeze Pools Apart Regarding Pool Heat Pump Installation

Upgrading your swimming pool with a heat pump is a worthy investment. It’s imperative to entrust this significant task to a professional installer that will provide other services to complement the installation. 

  • We give you peace of mind. Undertaking a project of this magnitude carries risks. Accidents could occur and result in added expenses which is money you didn’t include in your budget. We are Registered Swimming Pool Builders with the Victorian Building Association and are proud members of SPASA Victoria. 
  • State of the art equipment. We use the Astral 4-star equipment which can reduce water testing, maintenance and corrective action for your pool. The water leveller automatically detects if the levels in your pool are too low or too high. It activates only when the levels are sporadic and restores the pool to its ideal level. 
  • Complete installation of your swimming pool. We manage the entire process from the initial excavation to the delivery of your fibreglass pool, our installations are to engineers’ specifications. Upon completion, we’ll put in temporary fencing for 30 days which is sufficient time for you to find a permanent solution. We include three maintenance visits as part of the installation deal. 

Our team offer advice and help through every step of your installation, applying the years of knowledge to point you in the right direction even on specific components such as gas pool heaters in Melbourne.

About Ocean Breeze Pools

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the construction and building industry. We’ve been doing swimming pools and electric pool heater installations for several years. Being a member of the Victorian Building Association and fully insured, offers clients a sense of calm and relief that every aspect of our work is of an excellent standard. 

With our combined knowledge of the industry, we make your pool installation a breeze. Apart from the standard swimming pool, we offer pool solar installation, which helps save you money while providing the heat to warm up the water. Pool blankets and electric heaters are available to cater to your requirements. 

Contact us for a quotation for your swimming pool requirements.