Swimming pool pump installation

Professional and Easy Swimming Pool Pump Installation

We provide a professional swimming pool and swimming pool pump installation. Getting a quality swimming pool installed is crucial because it is going to have to last a long time. You want the service that has the experience and the professionalism to do the job correctly. We provide a range of summertime pools that cater to different sizes and styles.



The Importance of Pool Filter Installation

A quality pool filter reduces the substances such as dirt in your pool. What goes hand in hand with a pool filter is a pool pump. A good filter minimises the damage to your pools pump because it keeps out the foreign substances that cause damage over time. Here are some reasons why good pool filters and installation is essential:


Project Managment

Professionals make sure that the filter works at an optimum level when installed. You want experienced professionals to install any filter, chlorinator, or pump for your pool as they know what to look out for and what optimum level means. Our professionals know exactly how to install filters so that they work exactly as they should.



How sand filters work. A sand filter uses sand as the method to filter out any particles that are harmful to your pool. Once the water has moved through the sand, the particles will stay behind, the pump then pumps the water back into the pool. Our staff provides quality sand filter installation so that you can be at ease about the cleanliness of your pool. Sand is a natural filter for water and is how wetlands filter out bacteria and harmful substances.


insurance & regulation

Chlorinators. A chlorinator is what kills bacteria and other harmful substances that the filter cannot filter out. A chlorinator is essential for maintaining the right balance of chemicals in the pool, just enough to destroy harmful germs and algae. We provide quality pool chlorinator installation, with the expertise to know which settings and system will work best in your pool.

Related Services We Provide to Pool Filter Installation

We mainly install pools, that is why we have so much experience with pool filters, pumps, and chlorinators. Here are some related services that we provide:

  • Masterbuilt pools. Our range of Masterbuilt pools come in different sizes depending on the size of your property. From the slim but lengthy Lap Pool designed for exercise, to the comfort-inducing Square Spa, we can add any extra to your Masterbuilt pool. Our pools are all high quality and designed to preference.
  • Summertime pools. From the shapely Benbec with optional extras such as champagne tables for that luxury experience to the stylish 11m Roman with a sloping ramp pool leading to comfortable seating, we offer a premium quality range of Summertime pools for relaxing in style.
  • A selection of colours for pool flooring. You choose from a superior selection of pool finishings to complement the colour and style of your floor. Our midnight finish looks like a starry sky while the Pale Blue provides a classic summer look.

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Why a Customer Should Use Ocean Breeze Pools.

We have over 15 years’ experience in this industry. Our pools come with a 30-year warranty. We follow the strict regulations of the Victorian Building Authorities, and make sure that our end products are of the highest standard, from supplier to installation. Contact us and get a beautiful pool to accentuate your dream home.